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04-18-2013, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
To the people calling other people "ladies" (not sure if that's sexist, pretty sure it is) and "drama queens", and that everything will just be fine, perhaps you weren't watching the games.

The situation the team has been put in with the reorganization of D has seemed to have no solution and if anything is getting worse each game. This is not something you just ignore. Now as a fan you can turn a blind eye until they sort it out (and I do think there's a good chance they will), but it will be because of Diaz if it happens. You ice the same D, and it will be like 09.

It's not like people are being unreasonable or something. I've cheered this team to death, even last year, but with the last 3 performances, I think it's justified to be disgusted with the effort that they've put out. That and some guys just....can't. I could go on about each player, but really we have just broken down in our system due to overworking some components with Emelin's loss (think of a machine missing a cog) coupled with the failure of DD and Pacioretty to answer the bell. Bourque has gone back to miss the net on purpose mode, but we may have Colton Orr to thank for that.

I want to win the division and it is still very possible if Boston and us somehow reverse streaks. But MT needs to get his head out of his ass and learn how to coach when your team is playing badly. He's had 3 chances in a row (don't think that the Buffalo win was something special, we faltered just before) and couldn't get his team to perform. I'm glad at least he realizes that Dumont is a very good player. He better f'in remember that.

I'm not worried about Carey at all, cuz if our D isn't a problem, he'll be able to make the saves. Right now he's being forced to play goalie AND d man (when you're supposed to take the shooter and not every possible opponent on the ice). No point discussing Budaj since he's not our starter.

Therrien, get this **** together man, right away!

BTW, remember how Markov used to make Komisarek look good (dare I say all-star LOL)?
At this point in his career, it's Emelin who has allowed Markov to play his game. Markov has been awful since Emelin's injury and there's enough sample to show that. They just had great chemistry and complimented each other perfectly. Don't know why so many people have such a hard time seeing that.

I guess we don't get to see Diaz until after WSH, although I heard he might be able to go then. Let's hope. Cuz he's looking a lot like Ben Kenobi right now.
(Laughing) I was going to post about this the second I read it, but felt the post was well intended. Still, what is this the 1930's? Haven't we moved beyond this already? Some of the toughest people I know are women; I'd rather have them around me when the **** hits the fan than many guys I know.

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