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Originally Posted by zarley zelepukin View Post
My point is just basically that both guys have made moves that worked and moves that didn't. Playoff success isn't the way to judge a GM. It's too much of a crapshoot.

And I don't disagree that Amaro has weakened the farm with his moves, but Gillick was doing the same thing, to an extent. The way we view Gillick's tenure versus the GMs that preceded and followed him will always be affected by the WS. Is that fair? I would say yes and no, but mostly no.

Anyway, I would probably have to agree that Charlie and Ruben aren't the right fits right now. In fact, I'm not sure Ruben is a fit for any organization that's living in this century. Has it really been 28 innings since we've walked? That's a complete joke. And it's largely Amaro's fault.
The big issue is really no one outside of Utley will actually take a walk or look for it. The problem is he is currently the only source of driving in runs so he's not going to be taking them like he normally does. Then we got Howard and Rollins who almost never take them. Revere, no. Young, not really. Kratz, Nix, ha. Brown will take them but yeah he's been pressing to get big hits too. A lot of the lack of walks comes from guys with bad plate discipline and others trying to do much rather than just get on base.

Yeah and Amaro: "I don't care about walks," Amaro said in January. "I care about production. To be frank with you, I've said this all along. All of the Sabrematricians and all of the people who think they know exactly what makes a good club . . . to me, it's more about run production and being able to score runs and drive in runs."

Kind of have to have people on base to drive in those runs, Ruben. Sigh.

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