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04-18-2013, 12:16 AM
Sergei Berezin
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Only criticism I have is that there's too much fire in the Burn the Boats example, and not enough blue and white, if you get what I'm saying? Also, perhaps use the Winter Classic logo instead of the old 3rd jersey one as that isn't one of our official game logos.

I know I'm a *****, but it's the first time in 9 god damn years, I want, nay need, it to be as perfect as possible

Suggestions: change the Burn The Boats picture to a blue background and then print it in similar font to the actual sign in the dressing with perhaps the same stripes on the current 3rd jersey going through the middle of the frame and then Burn the Boats written in there in blue? Idk haha not sure if you'll get what I'm saying, but here's a mini picture of the actual sign in the room. Can't anything better :S

Also, an idea for another frame is to have burning boats in picture and kind of dimmed down but there's a clearly visible Leaf flag somewhere in the frame shining bright, flying high and basically just looking amazing amidst the carnage. Know what I'm saying?
Kinda like this, but with much bright Leaf flag somewhere...

Also, one last crazzzzzy idea, but it's one of my favourites. You have to be an amazing photoshopper, but how about a frame with a closeup of like Phaneuf, and in the visor you can see the reflection of a burning boat? OR with someone like Orr, in his actual eyes you see the reflection? haha idk, what do you guys think?

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