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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
I bet if OP re-did the study and separated Gretzky's LA years pre and post Suter hit, it would reveal very different results.

Lets see if OP has the time.
This reliance on the Suter hit to show everything dropped because of it is getting really tired.

The Suter hit happened just like Sid's injuries.

Wayne's dominance on 5-5 was slipping before the Suter hit.

His point totals were going down before the Suter hit.

We could play the what if game with dozens of players, let's stick to what actually happened here okay.

I started with a thought and then expanded on it, you got hung up on a musing, for what purpose god only knows, move on deal with the question at hand and stop evading it.

We all know that Wayne was elite scoring late in his career. the ES side of the equation taken as a whole shows that he was an average player on the whole after Edmonton, even though he was elite offensively.

This is looking at his regular season play and stats.

How hard is that to understand?

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