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Originally Posted by Subbanned View Post
No. We don't have the high end elite scoring talent that other teams do. We match up well in net and our top d-men are fairly comparable, but we're a step below with Patches, Pleks and Ryder as our most dangerous forwards. In the current top eight seeds only the Senators are in a similar plight and I would also peg them as falling out in a full season.

Pens - Malkin, Crosby, Neal, Iginla
Boston - Bergeron, Seguin > Habs equivalent: Plekanec / and Seguin isnt all that great, overrated honestly.
Washington - Ovechkin, Backstrom
Toronto - Kessel, Lupul, Kadri Lets see what he can do in his first NHL playoffs before saying he's all that great will ya.
Ottawa - Spezza
Islanders - Tavares, Moulson > Habs equivalent: (50 pts player helped by JT) Patches, Ryder, Gallagher
Rangers - Nash (and then a lot of second-tier in Richards, Callahan, Stepan, Clowe [same tier as our guys, but more]) Richards isnt any good this year, and wasnt all that great last season either... as for Clowe, who cares? he's a glorified 4th liner - or that's the way he play/produces at the very least
Think you're overrating some teams, we may have overachieved in the first 40 games, but still, there's a reason most of these teams are below us.

Watch games, or at the very least boxscores, you'd be surprised by some of the names you've put as well as other names you forgot to add (example : Clowe isnt any better in NYR, but Brassard is doing great)

Outside of a few teams who have clearcut better players than us, like Pens with Malkin/Crosby, Caps with OV/Backstrom, all the other teams are more or less the same.

TO may have Kessel, Lupul and Kadri, but the later will play his first NHL playoffs, same for their goalie. NYI have JT but outside him, who will also play his first NHL playoffs, it's more or less the same. And you could do the same with pretty much every team except Pens and Caps.

Basically a bunch of decent/good teams with glaring holes.

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