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04-18-2013, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by rumple03 View Post
I don't post here often, usually just lurk, but I can tell from many of the comments when this team loses or goes in a slump, and the drama queens come out of the wood work, that they likely never played the game of hockey at a competitive level in their life.

Unfortunately the majority of Habs fan are two faced drama queens with a slight case of bipolar disorder. There is no other team in major sports who's fan base turn on their team as quickly as Habs fans do.

For all of you in a panic, put your purses down, uncross your legs, remove your high heels and relax. This year wasn't "our year" to win the cup, this is the year a group of young, hungry, inexperienced players gets a chance to experience playoff hockey. If they get past the 1st round, it's a huge accomplishment, if they stretch the 2nd round to 6 or 7 games, and even more fantastic accomplishment, and anything beyond that is just a Cinderella story.

You lose as a team and you win as a team, and you can't win as a team when the entire team playing in front of the goalies is missing plays, reading plays wrong, leaving guys unchecked, not taking away passing lanes, and having complete defensive breakdowns. Were there some bad goals that Price and Buds would normally stop in the last 3 games, absolutely, but to put the entire blame on goal tending, or DD, or Georges for a loss is pure stupidity and shows you either have no hockey IQ at all, or you just like to complain in general.

They will bounce back, every team in the league aside form the power house teams like Pit and Chi etc... will go through a slump during a season. Ours is just happening a little close to the payoffs, but better now than at the start of the playoffs. They have 4-5 games left to work on getting back to where they were. They shows some guts and heart popping 4 goals tonight. This might just be the game they need to get back on track.

Chill out ladies.
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