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04-18-2013, 02:05 AM
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Despite my misgivings with all of this, I'm still willing to give the new "team" a chance, especially if they are allowed to do so without interference or having to get a blessing from Uncle Kevin.

My only major concern with MacT is that he allows his personal judgement to override what is best for the team, and has a known history of burying or getting rid of useful players, while certain players become favorites and become privileged and are not held accountable when they should be.

There's a very deep sickness within this team and organization, we all see it, and I hope that now MacT is the man in charge, that he will put aside friendships and the old boys on the bus routine, and make the changes that are needed, and have been needed for years.

I think the Minnie game really showed how clearly the problem is with certain vet players, the complete and total lack of effort. This has been going on for years now, there has been several episodes per year where this team has embarrassed themselves with their lack of effort and commitment. To poop the bed this badly with this performance when they were in contention for a playoff spot is inexcusable, and this falls squarely on the vets in the lineup.

This team will never get better until this issue is addressed, and fixed.

As for Howson, I'm actually pretty happy. The one thing he is known for being very good at is pro scouting and acquiring decent players to fill certain needs. The Nash deal LOOKED bad, but considering how much his hands were tied, CBJ did very well, considering those players the jackets got have played a huge part in getting them into the playoff picture, while NYR has fallen down and may miss the playoffs completely. Our pro-scouting is horrendous, but at the very least, the team should be a lot better if Howson just does the picking.

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