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04-18-2013, 03:17 AM
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I also want to point out that by 1990, it was widely known that Pavel was considered to be the best player available, thus making him a serious contender to be drafted first overall in 1990 if he had not been taken by Vancouver in 1989 already. As indicated in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette article in the post above, scouts already thought very highly of him before the 1989 draft. He may very well have been the first overall pick in 1990, though the Soviet factor still had a huge influence on when Russian players were selected.

Here's an excerpt from a Toronto Sun article from May 1990:
That's because Pavel Bure, a 19-year-old Soviet considered to be one of the best if not the best junior player in the world, has suddenly been made available in a draft already surrounded with intrigue and intense speculation.

Bure, drafted 113th over-all last year by Vancouver Canucks, was abruptly taken away from the Canucks this week by National Hockey League president John Ziegler after an investigation that took a mere 11 months to conduct. The rules involved are complicated, but the upshot is that under NHL law Bure had to be drafted in the first three rounds, and he wasn't taken by Vancouver until the sixth. He can be selected in any of the 12 rounds this year.

Some scouts say there are rumblings from the U.S.S.R. that younger players will increasingly become available to NHL teams, at somewhat more than bargain basement prices, of course. The continuing need for hard currency by the Soviets combined with the successful recall of Soviet NHLers for this year's world championship could work in the favor of any team that takes a gamble on Bure.

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