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04-18-2013, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
I think he was thinking of Abbotsford. They're the ones looking at Utica.

The Wild were only really looking at moving the Aeros to Des Moines, Sioux Falls, and maybe Peoria, as far as I'm aware.
I don't think the Heat are looking at Utica, I think Utica is looking at the Heat and the Heat are listening because Vancouver could potentially pay them to leave.

Originally Posted by Tommy Hawk View Post
The Heat have sweet travel. If they are at home, only 2 games that week. If they travel, they travel for a week or two. There will be no more or less 2 in 2 or 3 in 3 if they move east. Travel is actually longer as they would spend much more time on buses than taking a plane to say Chicago and being within an hour of 3 teams with a base camp in either MKE, CHI, or RCK.

And the Canucks would have to pay a ton to move them so they wouldn't lose money wherever they went.
there is nothing sweet about the Heat's schedule. I posted this when rumors of Utica first popped up.

Originally Posted by Abbotsford Heat View Post
I would hate to see Abbotsford lose the Heat, but you have to think logically here.

Since the Heat moved to Abbotsford we have led or at least been near the top in injuries, this is often attributed to travel and scheduling since Abbotsford rarely plays weekday games at home and are forced into back to back, if not back to back to back games on a regular basis. 62 of our 76 games are part of a back to back (or b2b2b) situation! That's over 80% of our schedule!

this map sums up the Heats problems perfectly.

They need to move out east, it will give them more time to practice, travel will not wear them down like it is currently and I hate to take this shot at my hometown but at least people will show up to the damn games if they move to Utica.

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