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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
That's what happen when you reach the "elite goalie" status.

Ask Buffalo fans when Miller have a bad stretch or ask Calgary fan about Kiprusoff bad stats in the past few years.

When their goalies have bad stats, fans will says: "Behind a good team, our goalie would be among the saves% leader." But when they have good stat, their goalie is the only reason why their team is competitive, without them they would be lottery teams.

in short, when a goalie reach the elite status, their team always play bad: if the team manage to have success, then its because of the great goaltending, if the team sucks, then its the team fault.

Are you suggesting that Price has reached elite status? I'm not seeing it here, these last two games aside, I don't think he's been elite, he's been pretty good. He's been wildly inconsistent from year to year, good year, bad year, good year, ok year. I'm not bashing price here, he's a good goalie, when I say he's overrate it's not because I think he's bad, but because he seems to get credit for things he's never accomplished.

He's an elite goalie without a single nomination for any awards. Elite goalies usually get a nomination from time to time, no? I don't care about jr stats or AHL awards, they are meaningless now. Great at the time, but not predictive of future results in the NHL. He's been middle of the pack stats wise for the better part of his career, sure teams and other factors dictate many of the results, but for someone without any nominations for anything, a playoff record that is terrible (highly dictated by the team), however, Halak proved that it could be done, not saying Halak is better either, just pointing out that the team argument is exaggerated a bit.

Look, I'm glad we have Price and fully expect him to bounce back, he's had a streak of bad luck in the last few games along with some poor play, happens to everyone, but he wasn't great prior to these games either imo. He was good, but not elite, our team has one of the better shot differentials in the league, yet his stats don't reflect that.

Saying someone is over rated != bad player. He's not a bad player, but he's no savior either. For whatever reason, anything about Price is off limits around these parts. Christ even in Halaks runs Price won the Molson cup award despite being outplayed. The clamoring over price has more to do with what we expect to happen someday than what has actually happened.

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