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04-18-2013, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
I have to question the knowledge of those who think this is a slump. We have been poor the last 1/4 of the season. We also have gotten absolutely destroyed the last 3 games. What we are seeing is not a slump. We're seeing a team with a craptacular defense in front of goalies who are not on their A-game right now.

I remember a week or so ago saying we don't know what team we have since it's a shortened season. We could go into a massive slump and end up being a 8-9 place team. I was laughed at. Well, we've come crashing back down to earth. The coaching staff need to get their act together and try to salvage a season that I personally think is already over.
We've been playing with at least one AHL caliber (or actual AHLer) D for half the year but still managed to play quite well due to some smart decisions and tight checking.
We've gotten away from that style, our goalies haven't been as reliable, and we've had to deal with more injuries.

Maybe there's more to it than just a small slump, some players have been under performing and it's catching up. But still, we are not as bad as we've been the past 2 games (we weren't actually bad versus Toronto, Price just crapped the bed).
Diaz coming will surely help us. Even if he's coming back from injury, Bouillon getting 18-20min of ice time is just horrible, so it really can't be worse.

People say it's more than just these 3 games, that it's been 13games going 6-7. Remove those three blowouts though where we've looked as bad as any team can be, and it's 6-4, suddenly nothing to really cry about.
People love being dramatic in Mtl, good or bad, people overreact.

Do we have a 2nd seed team? I don't think anybody believes that. Still doesn't mean we're not even a .500 team, and it happens to various teams. Not every team just stays hot all year. The Bruins are 7-7-2 in last 16 games, Anaheim is 5-7-2 in last 14 games, are their seasons already over too? No need to be dramatic. You could say that the season was over before we even started considering nobody believed we'd win the cup anyways. People just love to over analyze things here, and seem to be completely oblivious as to what is happening around the league.
The Pens and Hawks are the only two teams that have simply been amazing consistently all year, every other team has gone through their share of struggles, and everybody looks like a horrible team when they struggle.

Bad streaks happen. Would it continue and make us plummet down to a PO bubble team that struggles to make it until the last game of the year? We'll never know in this short season. But give us two back to back wins, and people will shut up again.

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