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04-18-2013, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Reading the first part of your post I was actually gonna say "well if you consider Finns Slavs then you have to consider Estonians and Hungarians the same". I'm really not into anthropology (though I considered a career in archeology while in high school) so I'll take your word for it.

Finno-Ugric is a grouping based on language (not disimilar to the more commonly referenced Indo-European) which is not mutually exclusive from lineage by any means. It's a very broad term and when you think of it that way, as you said, neither is wrong. For example, calling Belarusians Slavs is certainly correct as is Indo-European.

Note: It seems your original point has gone unnoticed by the populous of HFboards anyhow

Btw Ukko is the name of a Finnish mythological god who was considered the god of the sky, thunder, weather in general and the harvest. The Finnish word for thunder, Ukkonen, is actually derived from the name of the god.
interesting! i didn't know that. My family is actually Norwegian myself, and i've always been interested in the culture, primarily the mythology. I've never actually read much about the Finnish mythology.

also, i think people just tune out my often nonsensical posts

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