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04-18-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by stv11 View Post
It seems I'm the only one here, but I just don't see where the Cunti hype comes from. Ok, he finally found his game after almost disappearing, but in the end he's a 30 points playmaker without much defensive play and weak along the boards, which is pretty much the description of Oliver Kamber, who I don't think anyone would want to see in the national team.

A quick look at this season's scoring list puts him next to Peter, Stancescu and Simek, who are all borderline national team players even though they have much more to offer than offense.

I understand he's only 23, but at the same age Brunner was already a dominant scorer in the NLA. I'm sure he can develop further, but for the moment I don't see a world championship caliber player in him.

Well, with Bykov out and if M.Plüss doesn't come, and Richard in the play-offs... there simply isn't a better offensive C beside him... Mieville is close, but he combines the 3 things least wanted at intern. level: being soft, weak and slow.

Cunti is weak and soft as hell, (so much that it makes him suffer in effectivness even in the LNA), but his skating (minus power skating) is just marvellous and so good that combined with his very soft hands, it could very well work on intern. level.
Plus it gives him always the chance to be back in the own zone when needed just on time. (sth he did very well in the playoffs, sometimes he even exaggerated a bit IMO, collapsing to the own net too close.)

Listen, he definitely got quite some flaws to his game, and I'm not convinced yet that he'll be a success... well I even fear a bit he could get badly injured, cause he does put himself into vulnerable positions too often (like Sprunger or the very young Josi) and combined with his physical weakness...well, let's knock on wood!

but his unorthodox style could be a chance, he's not that easy to defend, and I could see him work very well with a guy like D.Hollenstein for some highlightreel playmaking...

plus I think, speed is just the most important talent a forward can bring on intern. level (especially for skill-players and soft players)... that's why it makes it so hard for guys like Sprunger, Monnet, P.Bärtschi, Bürgler(?) or to go international Mozyakin to be effective on this level, even if they got good to very good skills...

and au contraire: it makes so much easier for guys like Ambühl, Brunner, Hollenstein, Bodenmann or even Walker to have an impact.

That's about my thinking

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