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Originally Posted by Jussijuice View Post
Thank you for adding your opinion of my opinion. Real compelling stuff.
First you came out with "Ottawa has lost in embarrassing fashion to embarrassingly bad teams" during their 5 game losing streak. Which, if you went by their last two games of the streak, would be true. However, they lost to Toronto, a playoff team, and Boston, another playoff team (and in a fantastic game which had the shots 49-47 and neither team would have been considered dominant in the game) in the first two games of the stretch, and the loss to Florida was one in which they had 40+ shots again. So basically, what you said was false. Strike one.

Next, you're all over the Seth Jones hype train, which is fine on the surface. But Vagrant and bleedgreen are among the most learned posters on this board when it comes to potential draftees. If they're saying you're off in whatever you're saying, you're off. Strike two, although you probably fouled it off.

Finally, you called Pietrangelo far and away the best d-man of the 2008 class, all of his skills are elite level, etc. Now, he's quite a good player, but to go ahead and put him not only ahead of Karlsson but FAR AND AWAY ahead? That is swinging at one in the dirt, my friend.

There you go. That is my opinion of your opinion, in a more compelling manner.

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