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Originally Posted by FLYERSFAN18 View Post
How do you think we should solve our need for a defenseman. I'm not trying to be an ass, just interested in your opinion.
Pretty much the only way these guys get moved is if a team is in a serious cap crunch and have younger players they need to retain(cap crunch). Pronger was one of those type of deals. I still can't believe Chara made it to UFA. We need to find a team that is desperate for young high end talent up front(which we have) or a team up against it's eternal cap.

Only a few teams come to mind.

St Louis

Now the two top ones are extremely unlikely. Phoenix is a better option, but we have mixed feelings about Yandle on here.

Streit is the only free agent that might be worth signing as a free agent. He will cost a good amount though. If they could convince him to sign here for 2 years than he wouldn't be a bad pick up(he is looking for 3 at 5.5, on the UFA market, he might get even more). Streit also only started playing in the NHL at the age of 27(I am almost sure) with Montreal. So his body hasn't taken the pounding and abuse that usual defenders have since the age of 22-24 have taken. He is on pace for a 50 point season as a 35 year old. He would look nice back there, but we would need to move someone to fit him in. Coburn would be my choice.

Actually thinking about it, I might give Streit a 3 year deal. We won't have Kimmo after next year, and we could potentially have 2 defenders(our pick from this year, hopefully Nurse and Ghost) challenging in two years here. Their small salaries would off set Streit's deal some what. I don't think we will see his production drastically fall either.

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