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Originally Posted by DenverHabsFan View Post
No offense and I understand you have a soft spot for that position but his record is what it is. I've heard the same argument about his save % and how it would be elite if it wasn't for a handful of blowouts. That's like saying MaxPac is a PPG player if you don't count all the games he played following an injury. You're either elite or you're not. At least for now.

That TSN survey blows my mind. It just shows how perception is everything in life. Same thing I see at work. There are people who have such a reputation that they can get away with doing nothing and be considered essential.
Pause for DAD advice post:

Good post, but watch out for the work anger. Some of those people you say do nothing might have more experience in their left thumb than anyone else at the office, and the hour of work they do per day is worth 16 from others.

Or, they could just be *******s.

And those same people might have paid the price big time for years when they were younger too, to gain the knowledge and experience they have.

Or, they could just be *******s.

I should know, I'm one of them.

Or, I could just be an *******.

If you find your self angry at work, that is bad dude, because you may not be able to change things there. Better to find another place, or type of work. I had to do the same thing, so do most people. Life is too short.

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