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04-18-2013, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by RustE View Post
as long as the Oil don't take Drouin. i don't know enough about any of the Centres to say, but, we better be taking the one that is strong on the puck and difficult to play against. we absolutely must pick for need. this 'best player available' isn't all its cracked up to be. just ask the now unemployed Tambellini. MacT will likely be trading one of our 'best players available' to fill a gaping need. We shall see what all you 'BPA, everytime, no matter what' disciples think then. I suspect many of you are the same people as the 'you just don't trade a player like that, ever' crowd. Tambellini has one of them.
ugg, i can't even believe i'm responding to this, but here goes

yes, you still ALWAYS pick the BPA... because even if you don't end up with a player that fits your team need (such is arguably the case with yakupov) you still end up with the best player... by having the best player, you have the most valuable trading chip from that draft, which can be cashed in for a player that fits your team need

i can't believe this still needs to be pointed out (over and over and over and over and over)

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