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04-18-2013, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by duga View Post
Off course, when we take the POs into consideration: If Plüss will be there... there's no spot for Cunti. But I pray to whoever I have to, that Simpson finally sees that Ambühl was a product of Brunner, when he played 1st Line... how many games he played C this year with the Lions? ...definitely not more than a couple...but we had this topic before
I actually agree that Ambühl would be best used as a winger, but unlike you I don't mind him as a center. 2008 was maybe his best tournament and he centered Wick and Bärtschi back then. And Krüger also used him many times as a defensive center.

Originally Posted by duga View Post
I just think, this WCC should be the test-tournament for the Olympics... and I want the best talent on the team in Sotchii to medal (or lose in prelimary round), but not this typical swiss between (for a solid 7th or 8th finish). evenmoreso when there's nobody get relegated at the OG. it's the time for risky moves!
I disagree with your point of view here. After missing the quarterfinals twice in a row, I think the team needs a strong showing this year. At the point where Switzerland is now, medalling at the World Championship would be as big as medalling at the Olympics.

Originally Posted by duga View Post
How dare you, comparing Bieber to Cunti one is a worker, the other is an artist with soft hands, and with very good situational play-making.

You're probably right about Sprunger.... I just like him very much as a character and player and always thought from all slow, soft and skilled players, he's the guy with the biggest talent (hands, shot, passing) and definitely the best reach... and I still think with a very talented C and a hard working, strong skating partner on the wing (or the other way round), he still could have an impact...especially in PP-Situations and against lesser opponents in must win games.
I mentionned Bieber as an example of a player whose main asset is his speed, it wasn't a direct comparison to Cunti.

Regarding Sprunger, not surprisingly he had his best tournament in 2008 with Sannitz and Monnet, but I think we now have better options.

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