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04-18-2013, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
I don't think the salary cap is going to be that much of a worry then. The cap will go up from next years value especially with the cash grab outdoor game bonanza. Giroux is going to get a bunch but I doubt Couturier or B.Schenn will. Read will be a goner. Whoever they draft this year in the 1st will probably be on the team plus maybe Gostibehere (if he is as good as he projects to be the Flyers will rush him). Also Bryz will probably be bought out next summer, even though some of his buyout will have to be invested into the goaltending position.
This is what I'm worried about. Matt Read is an incredibly valuable part of this team--now and going forward. If you assume that Briere does get bought out at some point, Read leaving is not an insignificant problem. He can play all three forwards slows on either the 2nd or 3rd line--and with Fedotenko projected to be gone, he's an important part of the PK.

There's no cap issue as long as the Flyers don't do something stupid this offseason. Signing Streit to a 3 or 4 year, $5.5+ contract would qualify, IMO.

Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
The xxx's I see are open spots. Offensively there are legitimately 3 open spots going into the offseason at the moment. I truely hope they resign Hall. I do think they will contemplate if Laughton is NHL ready (which they think he is it seems) and try to imagine him as the 4th line center, thus us not resigning Hall. This, I think, would be the wrong course of action as I think Hall is the 4th line PK center we have needed here since Betts. For debate sake say Hall is resigned, that leaves two spots.

Now while I like Gagne, I think they will think VERY hard to see if he complements the 3rd line. While he is a solid two way presence, Homer MIGHT go out and try to grab a top 9 OFFENSIVE forward now that Briere is bought out. Whether that is a Horton or Gagne or someone else I don't know. For the other spot, Laughton has a HIGHER chance than any other rookie to win it. Now it's where to play him. Laughton is supposedly a very good faceoff guy, so do you play him as a wing or center moving Schenn back to wing? Maybe allow him to take faceoffs then back to wing type of deal. Something that worked VERY well in the AHL is Schenn-Couturier with Schenn on the wing. Something to think about.

On one defensive position, I'm FAIRLY confident that we will see Gustafsson take one of those spots. They are playing him a ton right now to see how he does and honestly, has handled it perfectly. His advanced stats are flying through the roof. He has faced the 3rd hardest competition (his QOC is higher than Coburns) while his QOT (his teammate quality) has been playing with weakest corsi teammates. His overall corsi is 3rd behind Timonen and Schenn. His performance since coming back has been stellar and I think they expect him to be in the top 6 for now on.

Now the other defensive position, which is presumably going to be the #4 spot next to Coburn has a good chance to be filled through free agency. Hopefully Homer looks at his defense and doesnt think that Gervias-Gustafsson should be the 3rd pairing again. Leave Gervias as the #7 who can fill in when someone is hurt. The best chance is to grab either Streit, Hainsey, or Regehr. I think the one that would benefit the team the most would be Streit and if he doesnt resign with Islanders, I do think that is one player Homer WILL make a play for. He fits the team needs, and balances out that defense nicely. Streit will cost alot though, so thats where I think they either try to trade Mez or seriously consider buying him out.

I personally dont see TOO many changes but Homer, Im guessing here, will try to land a decently big-time player.
Couldn't agree with most of this more. The only part I'd quibble with is the UFA defenseman. Unless they can get a really sweet deal on Streit, I'd prefer they aim a bit lower--maybe a reclamation project (R. Whitney) on the cheap, or a PP specialist (Bergeron?). I don't think Hainsey is a great fit, nor Regehr.

But a lot depends on the draft. There's a chance we end up with a player who has a lower ceiling but is more NHL ready (Ristolainen, in particular) who could challenge for a spot. I'm not saying that would be wise, but it is another variable.

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