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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Don't think he is an improvement on the roster, bad decision.

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
If Kreider didn't assume all through the lockout that an NHL spot is a guarantee, instead working like he was supposed to, he would've been in the NHL from the start without getting sent down. But he was over-confident.
I don't think Kreider has earned a roster spot; but what the hell is this assertion based on?


Does not make sense to put Kreider on the 1st or 2nd line. Those are roster spots that he needs to earn - which he has not done. He should be on the 3rd line at best; 4th line I'm ok with as well though. And yes, if he plays on the 4th line, it is unlikely he'll actually produce much - but he will have a chance to play some NHL minutes and learn some basic skills through immersion. Though I care about the next 6 games, when it comes to Kreider, I'd much prefer for Torts to develop him properly than to put him in situations that he hasn't earned or isn't ready to play in. I've copy and pasted a relevant comment from the Isles Pre-Game thread when people were suggesting putting Kreider on the 1st or 2nd line (as they are currently still suggesting). I get that his callup is the result of the Boyle injury, though I would consider calling up Newb instead, so Kreider can continue getting 20 min/game in the AHL:

I think he needs to work on some pretty basic NHL-level hockey skills/sense and needs some time to do that, without any added pressure, in the AHL. That said, though we'll never know for sure, I'd be willing to bet that Torts would be more open to doing something like this (bolded in your quote; EDIT - this was responding to a comment saying Kreider needed not to be yo-yo'ed around and if he was playing to get more minutes in the NHL) with Kreider and Miller if it were an 82 game season. In the shortened season, each game is extremely important, and Torts probably feels like this gives him less leeway to let a rookie develop in the NHL at the expense of the team. But that said, he's also just 21. People need to relax.

This brings up an important point -- when Kreider is brought up he should absolutely be playing on the 3rd or 4th line. None of this 1st/2nd line BS. He shouldn't automatically get top 6 minutes as I've seen many people on here suggesting. Playing on the 3rd and 4th line would take a huge amount of the pressure off of him and give him some of the room to develop properly. He should have to play his way into top 6 minutes and one of the worst things that can be done is to rush this along.

One of the best teams at developing young talent - the Red Wings - does this routinely even with their top players. They let them develop and mature in the AHL or euro leagues until fairly late in their careers, and then when they finally are brought over to the NHL, they aren't expected to fill in top line slots right away - they are given roles on the 3rd and 4th line. I don't think I could name more than one Red Wings prospect in over a decade who was given a solid roster spot before the age of 23.

Datsyuk: Roster spot at 23.
Zetterberg: Roster spot at 22.
Kronwall: Roster spot between 25 and 26.
Helm: 23.
Hudler: 23.
Holmstrom: Played at 24 and 25, but didn't have a solid roster spot until 26.
Filppula: Played at 22, but didn't have a solid roster spot until 23.
Ericsson: 26.
Fischer: Played from 20-21, but didn't have solid roster spot until 22.
Andersson: 24.
Emmerton: 23.
Kindl: 25-26.
Abdelkader: 23-24.
Franzen: 26.
Brunner: 27.

And their current star prospects:

Nyquist: 23
Tatar: 22
... And neither has played in even half of the Red Wings' games this year, despite contributing at a pretty solid rate, despite the Red Wings having to battle through a significant amount of injuries earlier in the season, and despite having a desperate need for solid 3rd and 4th line players.

Kreider is 21. I get why people are anxious, but there is no good reason to rush his development.

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