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12-30-2003, 01:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Istvan
Not to nit-pick but amniotic fluid is what fetuses swim around in until they're born and cerebrospinal fluid surrounds the brain among other functions. More importantly why didn't anyone kick the crap out of Savard for that cheap hit??? I don't care what the score was etc. etc. there are times when you just have to send a message. I'm guessing the Thrashers were shocked that NO ONE went after Savard. Pafreakinthetic.

lol I knew it was something like that... Amniotic sounded right at the time, thanx fer pointing that out

That is exactly what pissed me off as well, no retaliation makes this hit hard to take... Espescially when it's the best player we have, and our Captain. Now I understand taking Kovalchuk out would be a bad move on our part (gotta xcuse the immediate reaction... I love my habs a bit too much :p ) But I do think it is more than fair that Savard gets his arse fed to him like he never has before... How about 2 fights, 1 with Langdon and Souray next game (like Marchment got before) Being that this guy is not in great shape, Me thinks these 2 boys can rip the crap right out of him, and he would deserve it. It would definately bring one of these to my faces

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