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04-18-2013, 11:26 AM
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Proud and indignant, Lowe said "it’s safe to say that half the general managers in the National Hockey League would trade their roster for our roster right now." With that he admitted, or at least implied that the Oilers tanked on purpose all these years, and that they should be commended for being transparently horrible. I always thought that Tambellini was proud of the job they were doing, as if he believed it takes a shrewd management team to finish dead last and pick 1st three years in a row. Each time he stepped up to that podium to pick 1st overall, he acted like it was a hard road traveled, and a huge accomplishment. I knew Lowe was the real problem though, and it has become much more public this week. He's very happy with the roster. So happy, he fired the GM.
I don't think the 23 or so teams above the Oilers, fighting for a Playoff berth would swap rosters with them.
Everyone knows Lowe is the real GM, and he adapts his strategy by changing his subordinate, bringing in a different temperament.
I admit, they were hampered by the Pronger debacle, but Lowe doesn't strike me as a man who can build a winner. He puts foot in mouth a lot too. Too bad for Edmonton.

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