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04-18-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
In addition to people talking about how he was wronged by the the Rangers, overestimating his trade value, YouTubes of goals scored against inept defenses here are some samples:

Adding Zooks could give the team 3 lines that are a threat plus help the power play.

I heard Zuccarello is on his way to improve Rangers powerplay

He can play 12-15 minutes a game on the 3rd or 4th line but more importantly give some creativity to the powerplay. He is not a superstar but there is nothing wrong with him being a 40-50 point player.

He already has shown he is good for. 5 points per game as a rookie. That is already 41 points a year in limited playing time

Zuccarello could do just fine and he would VERY helpful right now given the lack of depth

[He's] fast with a great wrist shot to back it up. Great eye for play development. PP skills. We need him.

3 points in 4 playoff games including a game winner??? That is good enough for me!!! Sign him Slats!!!

I remember the PP looking pretty good when he was on it.

He really was a PP wizard

there is no doubt that MZA improves the power play.

Not getting Zucc back would be a huge mistake. He would add so much.

what forwards do we have that actually are better hockey players than him? Nash, Cally, Stepan (?), Gabby (?), Hagelin and ? Richards?

At least Zuccs would provide offense

1 mill is no brainer for Zooks since he has shown he is good for .5ppg.

If we sign zucc, we get a lot. Creativity, skills on pp

PP alone he is going to help.

Zuccarello is a PP specialist

The majority of the talk was of adding offensive creativity. And I guess there has been some of that but it's not translating into points. I'm not blaming him solely for that.

The other main talk was of him helping out the powerplay. But we're talking about a guy who has 12 career points on the PP.

Look, it was a low-risk move that has shown marginal impact so far. I've said, I think he's been better than his last stint but where is the offense? He plays hard which is nice, but I feel he's getting a pass on his lack of offensive production so far.
This occurred the last time he was brought up. Some of his passes are SO good, that his teammates are not ready for them. Torts commented on that last year I believe. It takes time to gain that comfort with another player.

He has been getting some chances and creating chances. He has been stealing pucks, back-checking, controlling the puck and the play during his shifts. I would say he has been one of the Rangers better and more consistent offensive threats since he came back.

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