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04-18-2013, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by MJG View Post
There is a long line of people who have been very upset with their play all year. You are nowhere near the front of the line.
That line was facetious, come on it was pretty obvious.

Gionta, Desharnais and Bouillon are stragglers from the previous company image: that medium talent and work ethic are all that matter. Desharnais is not an NHL centre (due to his putrid fundamentals) and I can drag up my posts from the FIRST game of the season saying as much.

Gionta is a good hockey player, he's defensively fine and he moves his feet - but he's not worth 5m, or 4m or even 3.5m at this point. He has no size, can't hit, can't take a hit, can't play the boards (remember when he used to barge into Chara? what happened to him?) and he lacks even the most basic puck skills. I like using my eyes and not stats when it comes to praising or hating on players and I have to say that Gionta is one of the sorriest looking players I've seen in the entire NHL this year. Don't the coaches talk to him, try to get him NOT to shoot the puck and waste a breakout? He's only tacking on points because he plays with a great centre and gets so much PP time, he doesn't create squat for himself. AND he's supposed to be the captain. How can he lead the team when he's so awful at hockey? I don't know, I've never had a captain who wasn't at least the most engaged player on the team, if not the most talented.

As for Bouillon - anyone who's been watching hockey for any moderate amount of time can tell that he's either over-played or just ran out of gas 40 games into a season because that guy has no brains or position whatsoever. Sure he's agile and nifty and can fight but he's played way too much if he's played anything more than 15min a night. What the hell is wrong with Therrien?
Originally Posted by MJG View Post
a) Tons of fans, but more haters.

b) It's the internet. If you brag, know that people will try to take down a peg.
a) He deserves all the hate he's getting. He got the big money deal and he's getting the PP time and he's getting our best winger. If he doesn't perform he should be ****ing waived, he brings nothing to the table other than points and he's not even getting points.

b) I'm not bragging that I spend my nights up till 4am on HFboards, often times drunk alone. Trust me on that.

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