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04-18-2013, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by duga View Post
I like to bring the odd one into the disscussion, once in a while. makes it all more interessting IMO. He's big, he got a very nice wrister around the net (you've seen his goal in the POs-final?), he can fight if the germans try to goon it up again (especially when guys like Bezina are missing), and you could put him in front of the net in PP -situations. Of course he's slow, and he doesn't play as hard as I hoped after his NA-adventure. But I'm missing a guy like Gardner on the team, and he would be the closest...

Scherwey's combo of speed, powerskating, checking, strenght, forechecking and recklesness is very unique in Switzerland... so I could forgive about his bad offensive instincts and average hands. (As I've written a few posts above: For me he's one of this few europeens who could end up as a pest in the NHL)
Yes i saw his great goal. And I was surprised it was him ;-)

For Scherwey, he is like Deruns before his breaktrough season with Geneva. I dont say he must never be in a WM, but it seems way too early for me. Even if I'm for an younger swiss squad.

About Sprunger, his goal touch can help the team to beat smaller nations. How many snipers do we have in Switzerland? Brunner and him? Besides, he really step up the last 2 seasons and we didnt see him in the last WM and for the next. It's a lock for me for the future.

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