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04-18-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
Scotty Bowman has arrived. Brian Boyle has lost plenty of faceoffs on the PK that have lead directly to goals; and to centers not as crafty as Claude Giroux. Was there a better chance that he wins the draw than Richie? Statistically yes, but let's not pretend that if he's in the dot we get possession and no goal is scored. Who knows what would have happened.

If Torts used him properly, this would be a loss. But since Torts insists on using him in a 3rd line capacity, this may very well be addition by subtraction. Spare us the lectures hockey player.
Mike Millbury, the king of spewing ********, has arrived. Hi, Bardof.

No way to know whether Boyle wins that draw or not. Has he lost faceoffs too? Yes. Have some of them led to goals? Sure. But I think it isn't a reach to say that at the very least he certainly doesn't lose it as cleanly as Richie did. I have not seen Boyle lose a draw that led to a goal that cleanly all year. But either way, the point is he is the go-to guy in that situation, he wasn't an option, and look what happens - something that is much more likely to happen without him in that faceoff than with him. It is a clear example of the value he brings to the team. You are purposely being dense if you don't get that from what I said.

Spare us your mindless vitriol, keyboard cowboy.

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