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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Can anyone explain why it's relevant for Carey Price to be known as 'elite'?

Plenty of teams have won Cups with goalies who can be considered 'not elite' and plenty of goalies who are considered 'elite' have never won Cups.

So in the end, why care about some ridiculous catch phrase that fans/media like to toss around to make it seem like they really know what they're talking about.

I couldn't careless if Carey Price is elite...Carey Price just needs to play like we all know he can, and if that happens, he's as good as any goalie in the league.

But of course, we all need more than a goalie standing on his head to win a Stanley Cup, many things have to be rolling right for any team to be successful.
Because of the commitment the Habs have made to Price. You're right that plenty of team have won it all with non-elite goalies, but Montreal has decided not to go the Niemi route. The cap space, term, draft pick and games allotted to Price have been/are an impediment to adding another goalie and other good players. Which is fine, as long as he performs at an elite level.

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