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04-18-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Preddownsouth View Post
As someone who would not be shocked if Weber asks Poile for a trade in July, no way does Poile shop him around if Weber stays quiet.

This is a budget franchise who will have invested all of that money in him before he can be moved. No way do they strip the cupboard bare of all of their cash, pay Weber his fortune, then turn around and trade him (Weber demanding out is different, but I still think even then it would be a difficult move for Poile to make).

Whether from the outside looking in you believe this team is rebuilding or not, Poile and Trotz don't. They believe with the players hurt being healthy next season, along with the dynamic forward they will be drafting at the top of the 1st (plus Forsberg here now), along with a mid-level depth signing or two in the offseason this team can compete for the playoffs again.

Unless Weber is screaming to go, he will not be moved.
If Weber is "screamimng to go" I really think the Preds should try to make sports history and sue him to recover the $27M he will have robbed from the team if he turns around as demands a trade.

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