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04-18-2013, 02:07 PM
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Ended up going with the Bauer 7500 since the selection is so terrible in NYC. Visibility is decent, and helmet is comfortable.

As an update to my original post, here are some observations:

Westside Skate and Stick
-Better gear/higher prices, Graf heavy
-Limited equipment selection, but they have everything you need
-Nothing on sale
-Decent stick selection

-Limited equipment selection (does not have everything)
-Some sale items, including sticks
-Lower-end gear
-Mediocre stick selection

Modell's (lulz)
-Most limited selection of all
-Bad stick selection
-Sales/specials, but gear is mostly low-end (I did find the 7500 here, though)
-Would call ahead to see what they have; the location on 86th and 3rd is the one that carries hockey gear

City Ice Pro Shop
-Decent stick selection
-Equipment selection would rank below West Side Skate, but above Paragon
-Typical high NYC prices even though it's in Queens

The bottom line is that you'll need to do some work if you're looking to bargain hunt or even find gear in NYC.

Now, is anyone looking for a player? Had a blast at open hockey and next step is to get on a team.

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