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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
I can only speak for myself but I think he has been ready to jump directly into our line-up since February 2012 (although I think that it was good to leave him in SEL for another year considering that he didn't consider himself ready last summer).

I see no reason what-so-ever to leave him in Sweden. He seems pretty committed (since about a year back) to come over to NA this year, even if that would mean playing in the AHL. Why should we be stopping him?

With regards to his injury I wouldn't worry so much. Before he went down in October he was playing as one of the top D-men in the SEL... Even if he has not improved one bit since that day he's still pretty damn good (and I don't think you regress in development at his age, even if you're out for a while). He's in great physical shape now, better than ever if you take his word for it. I just hope he'll give our defensemen a run for their money come training camp/pre-season. That would be great, but if he doesn't make it I'm sure he'll be just fine warming up for the big show in OKC.
Justin Schultz was also playing 25 minutes a night in 11 games to start the year in the NHL.

11 good games in the SEL means very little.

I honestly don't know if he's ready or not, but there isn't a lot of guys that come into the NHL as d-men this young that shouldn't start in the AHL. I hate to see where Schultz would be without the lockout this year.

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