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04-18-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by franchise player View Post

Seriously, MB is getting a free pass. He's no better than anyone else. What has he done so far? Low balling Subban, sign Bouillon, sign Prust (love the guy but he's a little expensive), extend Desharnais, trade for Ryder (good but not so exeptional move) and trade for Drewiske. That and the fact that we're still with the same ****** defense as last year. Proof: it didn't take that much for it to collapse. We had Markov bad but it has so little depth that the loss of freaking Emelin was too much to handle for the depth guys, they couldn't step up.
The reason MB gets a pass is because this team finished dead last in the East last year. Yup, that's right, dead last, and now we're fighting for the 2nd seed in the East. So ya, I'm gonna wait a bit before I start tightening up that knot around his neck, he bought himself some time.

Let's not forget that this is a transitional year. Who goes for broke during a transitional year, in a short season, after the team just finished 28th in the NHL????

I'm not going to be upset that we didn't go for JayBo or Regehr. What happens had we gotten those guys but lost? Regehr is an UFA that will likely test the market for his last ''big'' contract, and JayBo has another year at 7M with the cap coming down.
As it stands, we would have to make room for an extra 1.5M to just fit JayBo.
It would have come at the cost of two 2nd round picks, one first rounder, and two prospects. This for probably nothing.

If this was a full season I would understand why some would be upset. But we're talking about a deadline that came not even 40 games into the season, in a year where we didn't even have a real training camp, with a new coaching staff and management group that is very big on developing through the draft.
Ya, I'm not gonna be one of those fans that is upset at the management this season. Not this year.

Now, if the draft ends up being crap, and we do very little to fix some of our issues during the off season, then I'll be the first to point out some of the bad decisions. I mean, after this year, the transitional moves should be in full effect.

I do agree though that the lowball to PK was just silly.
You also forgot to mention Halpern as a good pick up.

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