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Originally Posted by henchman24 View Post
Ruff is going to coach team Canada, when Canada finishes in the top 3 will that make the Sabres look bad? No. Sometimes you just have to make a change... good coaches get fired all the time. That is even giving Sacco a ton of credit as a possible good coach, which I don't think he is.
Very true.

It's not so much that Sacco is a bad coach but he's not the right coach for the Avs. This team is too young, and after Giguere's comments we found out that some of the young players on the team have their heads somewhere else instead of hockey. Although i think any coach will have a hard time coaching the Avs right now because of mainly the d core is brutal.

Combination of being a young team, and lack of good players at some spots is what makes Sacco look bad.

The Avs need an older coach with tons of NHL experience to handle this team. Instead of Giguere speaking, there should be a tough coach not to let things like that happen where players worry more about Vegas trips than playing hockey.

Edit: I'm still not convinced whether or no Sacco is really a bad coach. He did take this team to playoffs one season. I would like to see him coach a good team with a good roster in the NHL to place final judgment.

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