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04-18-2013, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Well firstly, Toffoli isn't Kozun, and theya re two different types of players. Usually he gets into the line up when Penner is out, and where does Penner play? With Carter and Richards often, so likely DS doesn't want to juggle the other lines.

Secondly, I was also referring to regular NHLers, which Toffoli isn't. When Toffoli gets to be a regular next year, I wouldn't be surprised to see him spending some time on the 3rd line unless his game is just so advanced that he can hold his own on a scoring line, which we could use since Penner is likely gone after the season.

A third factor to consider is that Toffoli is a prospect of the likes we haven't seen in a forward in years. A kid who can score goals like crazy. When was the last time we had a kid who could slide into the line up (whether from Europe or from Manchester) and look excellent immediately on the top two lines for an extended period of time (not for a game or two)? Kopitar? That's years ago. Toffoli is a rare treat.

Most of our prospects who have or who will be getting a recall will play largely on the 3rd or 4th lines. That will happen with Kozun, Vey, Pearson, etc. It's a combination of two things; number one, our top two lines are pretty much set, especially if we can lock up Brown long-term and Toffoli cements that 2nd line winger slot. Number two, third and fourth line gives players more sheltered minutes, and against lighter checking players. Odds are they won't get overwhelmed playing constantly against the other teams best players, outside of a few occassions.

Honestly, it's the smart way to bring up kids, let them play where they can succeed, in limited dosages. Really, that's what the Kings are doing this year with Toffoli, letting him play at times, but also making him eat popcorn in the pressbox with Richardson too. He's not being overwhelmed and will be acclimatized a bit better should he have to play in the playoffs due to an injury.

I agree (as usual) and want to add that Stamkos is a great example of bringing a scoring forward along in the same manner. His first season he would play and sit, play and sit and then sit until he had a handle on the how to play in the NHL and they had the ability to make a permanent spot for him. Stamkos was handled perfectly and TT is being done in a very similar manner.

On D you can use VV as an example of how it is done. When they are ready under the best circumstances you bring them up with sheltered minutes and D partners and then ease them into their spots.

One of the things I like about the way that DL brings our kids up and onto our team (when he does so) is that we place all of our concern into bringing the kid up at the right time. VV would have been the Calder winner if he had played all 82 games last season imo.

DL knew that VV was very close to ready and could have made room for him early on but waited until the right situation came along. He wasn't concerned about VV possibly losing out on being rookie of the year as much as he was on continuing to develop him into a great player.

TT is being brought along correctly and both Vey and TP will be too. There may not be any set rule on when but how seems to be pretty easy when you know what your doing.

That is what makes the Kozun situation frustrating to me but as always I may question some of the decisions that DL and co make but I support them entirely.

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