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04-18-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
Just when I've seen it all.

Yes let's exclude the playoffs, the most important part of the season. No lets go even further, blame Bud Holloway for staying healthy !

After all Scott Parse' point per 14 game season and Loktionov's injury riddled seasons where he was never a PPG player were much, much better.
Yes, let's excuse the playoffs because both of those seasons when bud was producing in the playoffs the Kings weren't playing. So the Kings are supposed to call him up to do what exactly? Play golf?

Regarding the 2009 season that I think you're talking about;

You are also aware that the year Parse put up 15 points in 14 AHL games he was called up and played 59 games in NHL right?

Loktionov put up 24 points in 29 games, was called up and then seperated his shoulder in his first NHL game...

Moller had 40 games of NHL experience and was called up 3 times to fill in for injuries...

Segal was aquired for the sole purpose of being a plug-in NHL/AHL tweener in case of injuries so another players development wasn't affected.

If you think Bud Holloway with a solid 47 points in 75 games deserved a callup before any of those guys then you're clearly allowing hindsight and revisionist history to cloud your judgement.

Did he maybe deserve a callup over Corey Elkins at the end of the year? Sure why not. But if memory serves me correctly the Kings made a point that season of calling up the leading scorers from Manchester that season and until the last few games (after the Kings had already traded for Halpern and Modin) was holloway the leading scorer.

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