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Rumors & Proposals Thread Vol. 15 | Oilers Pick 7th OV

Old thread hit 1000

Some posts

Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
I don't think anyone's taking over Florida and Colorado's draft positions.. With our schedule we could easily be in 3rd by the end of the year. If FLA takes Jones, COL takes Drouin we take MacKinnon. Trade Gagner for Gardiner. Toronto will lose Bozak to Free Agency and they have a lot coming on defense.

Sign Bickell, Ference, Bordeleau
Trade for Boyle

Hall - Nugent-Hopkins - Eberle
Paajarvi - MacKinnon - Yakupov
Bickell - Horcoff - Hartikainen
Bordeleau - Boyle - Brown
Petrell, Smithson

Gardiner - J. Schultz
Smid - Petry
Ference - N. Schultz
Originally Posted by Harley View Post
I hope Mac T is thinking like me and adding our first round pick to our fab 5 making it a sweet 6. I bet he is totally thinking of moving it. But in a deep and very strong draft that pick (what is it now top 7?) could very well be a stud #2 D man or a legit big framed #2 centre. It just may be 3 years longer than he may want to wait for it to pay big dividends.

With impatience comes mistakes. He better not be starting off his tenure by making a big mistake just because he bodly expressed to all of us that he is a man of action. Every GM in the league is going to test his mettle over the next 6 months. Sometimes inaction is frustrating. But its still better than getting hosed in value on a stupid short sighted trade just trying to back up your false bravado.
Originally Posted by oilersfan11 View Post
It looks like a roster that's going to receive another lottery pick in 2014.
Originally Posted by shogun99 View Post
Signing Iginla would be the greatest thing ever. That would be like Calgary signing Messier.
Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
The problem is in 3 years MacT could be fired.

I don't think he's just going to move that top pick for nothing. It will be for something that can help us now and long-term.

This team has spent enough time being patient and as MacT has stated it's time to start making the bold moves.

Maybe they don't move the #1, but they will explore that option as they should.
Originally Posted by BowDangles View Post
Judging by trade deadline talk I think we can almost guarantee that Max Talbot will be an Oiler this summer. Unless he is a player that only Tambo wanted..

I wonder what the cost to get him is?
Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Other teams will bid if Lucic is available. If anything I thought my offer might be a bit low. In terms of contracts, we'd be moving out a bit more than we took back.

Lucic is the most quintessential power forward in the league right now. He's the ideal 2nd line LW for this team. If he's available and it doesn't require any of the big 5, we have to chase him.

In 2-3 years,

Hall - RNH - Yakupov
Lucic - Gagner - Eberle
XXX - XXX - Paajarvi

Smid - Petry
Klefbom - J Schultz


could a cup contending core.
Originally Posted by Leman Russ View Post
These XXX players... Do they come with clothes on?
Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
I have to agree. I'm kinda scared to what people think Harti's value is. Hemksy isn't all that much in value and then you have picks which are just that.

They got two 1sts for Kessel. So 1st prospect, contract and a 2nd doesn't seem like an overpayment.
Originally Posted by BowDangles View Post
Not with that defence.. Klefbom is going to need to be sheltered at first. They need a #1 dman to have a strong enough D
Originally Posted by Jimmi Jenkins View Post
He did say, in 2 to 3 years.
Originally Posted by Asher View Post
My guess is it would cost you Eberle +
Originally Posted by Sloth Slothersons View Post
Would you guys trade our next 10 first round picks for Shea Weber?

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