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04-18-2013, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
I don't think they realistically did either. But I think it created a perception that he was going to be contributing on the scoreboard a lot more consistently game in and game out than he will be. At this point in his career he is likely a 45-50 pt player (15-20 goals), and I am absolutely fine with that as long as he brings the other parts of his game too. And if that turns out to be conservative, and he returns to be a 65-70 pt player, then thats gravy, but I'm not expecting it.

In my ideal fantasy land, only a slight bump from his current contract - $3.75 mil per for 3 years.

More realistic? $4.25 mil per for 4 years.

What I'd do with a clothespin on my nose and clenching my teeth if my hand was absolutely forced because Clowe won't budge? $4.75 mil per for 5 years. If he ends up falling off a cliff after 2-3 years, move him for scraps and you free up the cap space.

He isn't going to deteriorate so much in that time that he won't still have some value with the type of game he plays. People also forget that the cap will likely go up in the coming years (not saying that is an excuse to sign Clowe - or any other UFA - to a ridiculous contract, since a higher cap influences the market price of future signings, but it is certainly a part of the considerations in looking at future cap space).

I agree that if you think Clowe is an awful signing, you shouldn't re-sign him and lose the additional pick just because we gave up draft picks already. But, personally, since I think he would make a decent signing, I will not be terribly happy that Sather gave up the two draft picks if the plan wasn't to re-sign him, or it doesn't get done for a reasonable price/term. If the rumors of Clowe and Sather having a "framework" for a deal in place turn out to be untrue and/or Clowe wanted $5-6 mil and 6-8 year term all along, then I'll gladly stand with the people calling Sather an idiot for this move. All depends on what happens in the offseason in my mind.

EDIT: added in "per" to the #s I gave to clarify that I'm not expecting Clowe to sign a $1 mil per year contract.
Thats absolutely brutal man. Your entire synopsis of what he would bring to this team over the next 4-5 years just isnt rooted in reality. It sounds like a Glen Sather manifesto just before hes about to make another horrible signing.

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