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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Alex Ovechkin is absolutely not weaker competition than Jaromir Jagr, if we are talking strictly scoring goals.
I agree. I was referring to the depth of elite goal-scoring talent in the league. There are only a handful of players who could accomplish 50 in today's league. In the 1990s, the league was saturated with incredible goal-scoring talent. The only players Stamkos has to compete against are Ovechkin, Crosby, and arguably Malkin. The former two have either been in major slumps or have faced injuries. A poor start or a poor finish by Ovechkin or Crosby would give Stamkos a huge edge to win the Rocket Richard. Martin St. Louis also contributes a fair amount to Stamkos' game and goal production.

Bure played in a league with so many other elite goal scorers. Even if one was injured, there were still several others to compete for the goal-scoring lead. Pavel faced much more competition in that regard.

Originally Posted by Starkiller View Post
It wasnt harder to score in the 90's. The Game has and continues to evolve. Up until the mid 90's the Goalie Equipment was smaller and heavier then it is now. Which is a key component to why there was more scoring. The Game has become a lot more competitive, there are a lot more Hockey programs now developing more Hockey players, which mean, there is more talent to choose from, which makes it even harder to be good enough to play in the NHL. We will never see a player dominate like Gretzky, its not happening. Which Makes it even more special to see a Guy Like Sidney Crosby put up 56Pts in 35 Games, unfortunately a freak puck to the face robbed us of seeing more greatness.
The current league favors Bure's skill set and style of play. He still remains one of the fastest players in NHL history, and his explosiveness would still give him a major edge in foot races. There are some players who would not dominate; larger, slower players would not succeed in today's league. The lack of obstruction in today's game would have made Bure impossible to handle, not to mention he wouldn't have to deal with two-line passes. The rules worked against him throughout his career. The post-lockout era would have suited him perfectly.

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