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Originally Posted by Toydarian View Post
If COL ends up getting the 2nd overall pick, who do you guys think they pick (assuming FLA takes Jones)?

They are already really strong at C with Duchene, ROR, and Stastny. I could see them picking Drouin over MacKinnon.

Also, I can't see Drouin getting past CAR.
Fairly sure Tallon would not go Jones at 1 or even 2... he learned his lesson about D in the top three with Barker... and in CHI he was always about having strong depth up front... he has a Keith-lite in Kulikov... a Seabrook lite in Gudbranson... now he needs a poor mans Toews and MacKinnon looks to be that

Huberdeau-MacKinnon-UFA...Kulikov-Gudbranson...Markstrom is a nice starting five... not quite Hossa-Toews-Kane-Keith-Seabrook-Niemi but not a bad imitation

Meanwhile Jones is a Colorado boy... he is likely Avs pick anywhere they pick in top three...


FLA 1/2- MacKinnon
COL 1/2- Jones
3rd- One of Drouin Nichushkin Barkov
4th- One of Drouin Nichushkin Barkov
5th- One of Drouin Nichushkin Barkov
6th- One of Monahan Lindholm Nurse
7th- One of Monahan Lindholm Nurse
8th- One of Monahan Lindholm Nurse

6th would be nice draft position... you get luxury of either a faller from the top 5 or choice of the 'next group'... I have said 7th all year and I stick by that... not quite as good and maybe more importantly not the place for rumored Oilers favorites Horvat Lazar... if MacT cannot use our 2nds or borderline young guys to move up we might see his 'bold' move be a drop down for picks or young roster player...

I guess if you are in 7th and the team in 10 (BUF? PHO? PHI?) comes to you and wants to move up and you are confidant Lazar or Horvat still there at 10, what gets MacT to move?

BUF- Luke Adam?
PHO- Rundblad?
PHI- Cousins?

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