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09-04-2006, 11:38 AM
Magnus Fulgur
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I eat vegetarian at home, so it's a hearty plate of pasta or noodles, not too much sauce/gravy and a bit of soy protein to balance out the carbs. Always balance your carbs with protein for good use, and make sure you eat those complex carbs at least two hours before the game.

And forget about potatoes...and don't eat dairy no matter what. The first will just jack you up with sugar and the second will slow you down.

I don't play hockey at a high level, and I have no problems playing well at all eating a largely vegetarian diet. I make sure I get all my vitamins and proteins from various sources.

I once ate a Whopper fifteen minutes before a game because I was starving and the BK was the only place next to the rink. I would have been better off dumpster diving or eating a mangy squirrel. I didn't hurl, but it sloooowed me down...

I'd say Chicken Parm, no cheese, light on the sauce, is the best way to go for most people.

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