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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I really don't know what the decline is your are talking about. When I think of a post 1988 Gretzky I use the word "decline" with quotations. He wins the Hart trophy and we are saying he is in the decline with 168 points? I'll say this, Gretzky's "decline" is far superior to a normal HHOF player's BEST season!
It's still a decline for Wayne after his 5 year peak of averaging over 200 points per season (82-86), 64 game season then a dip down to 168 points.

Not true. Starting in 1989 he has a slight drop in overall points with 168 in comparison to 149 (186 projected). Then 142 and then 163. Then after the Suter hit he drops to 121, is a minus player for the first time in his 13 year career.

ES points:
1989 - 100
1990 - 96
1991 - 103
1992 - 63.....................

Come on, you don't see a difference here? It is practically slapping you in the face. His point totals were rather stagnant the pre-Suter time he was in L.A. It is clear he had a slight drop in points since his Oiler years, but in all honesty, what the heck is the point here? Hardy, I want to ask you that? What is the point trying to be made here? Gretzky was clearly a different player after 1991. Even though the stats support this as clear as day I can tell you that from watching him at that time. He was still a great player, but post 1991 was a huge turning point as to when we saw him go from embarassing the league to merely just being an Art Ross threat - all in one year.

To me there is Oilers Gretzky, early Kings Gretzky and post Suter Gretzky. That post Suter Gretzky lasted up until the end of his career. But he aged and got slower and less dangerous, as is the case with anyone.

I showed you that chart as to just how normal it is for an all-time great player - even Lemieux - to have a drop in his ES totals and rely a little bit more on the power play. You aren't exactly coming up with some revelation that wasn't already there.

Phil you are still only focused on the ES scoring, like the amount of ESGA don't matter or the ratio.

We have already established that Wayne's scoring declined at a slower rate than his overall effectiveness as a player at ES.

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