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Alexander Cup

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Yes it was rather "quaint" and to cute by half, more than sufficient to have expanded far earlier than 1967/68. That teams like Cleveland and elsewhere had their own farm systems; that the top teams in the AHL couldve probably fairly handily beaten Boston & New York, Toronto or Detroit etc on a good night speaks volumes right there. The WHL as well though not quite on par did play an inter-locking schedule with the AHL early 60's, a very troublesome development to the NHL who eyed the westcoast markets with no small envy as population shifts were ever increasing from the east to the west in the 50's & 60's. Decent sized arenas' going up post WW2. Television ascendant, moving from New York to LA etc....

and yes, the Feds broke up the Norris owned & controlled IBC. It beggars belief to think that prosecutors, noted for their dogged & often times over-zealous pursuit of those engaged in acts of anti-trust wouldve just backed off in finishing the job in then going after the NHL itself and the myriad arenas controlled by the Norris clan and their known Mob Associates (the Rico Act wasnt established until 1970) if some sort of deal hadnt been struck. At that time Hoover was in charge of the FBI, and for years he refused to even agree that such a thing as the Cosa Nostra even existed, literally from the late 20's through the late 50's. Turned a blind eye to the IBC & by rote the NHL. The reasons for his doing so rumoured to be that key figures in the Mob had pictures of him en flagrante' dressed as a woman with Rent Boys in a luxury suite at the Astoria Hotel in New York City.
The Alexander Cup :

continued a few seasons beyond 1954 as a competition between the QHL and the WHL champions. Will find data within the week.

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