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04-18-2013, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by NoNecksCurse View Post
your previous post said couturier + ______ + ________ so id assume you meant 2 more pieces... yeah that wouldn't get it done either. its shame cause i think philly is one of the few teams that would have what we were looking for. i was hoping after the OS was signed, poile and homer could reach a deal. but nope.. agree that ship has sailed. i do think a deal could have been made where both teams benefit greatly.
Oh, I wasn't really making a proposal. I was just making the point that most Flyers fans are prefectly willing to move Couturier in addition to multiple other pieces to get Weber. They (and the Flyers organization) just aren't willing to move Couturier + Schenn.

Last June, I took two sets of proposals to the NSH board--this was before Weber signed the O.S., IIRC.

Couturier + Coburn + pick (I don't remember) + prospect (there was a list--but I don't remember)


B. Schenn + L. Schenn + better pick + prospect.

Basically, I was willing to move one young center and one defenseman--with the assumption that the Schenns were a package deal. At the time, the assumption was that the Couturier and Coburn combination was more valuable (thus the picks / prospects were a bit better with the Schenns), but now, it would easily be the other way around.

At this point, I'm not sure what a reasonable offer would look like. Like last year, I'd move Couturier, but Coburn is a year old and has been very poor. If Nashville were to rebuild, then the Couturier + 2013 7/8th overall + other assets might make sense--depending on the other pieces--but by most accounts Nashville isn't rebuilding, and that's probably too heavy on the futures. (Meszaros holds no value until he proves he can stay healthy).

But, like I said, I think most Flyers' fans are over the Weber-to-Philly thing. The team took its shot. It didn't work.

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