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12-30-2003, 06:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Lok
The system of defensive play adopted per many teams of the NHL is the base of several teams of the AHL and junior teams.

The reason why this system exist is the fact that there are too many teams in the NHL (National Holding League). If this league had only 20 teams, each team would have more skilful players... the system, in this case, is not so important for win a game. The AHL and the junior teams must have a little less team for have more skilled player in each team.

(Sorry for my poor english)

That statement is a fallacy. The argument about the number of teams is brought up by people nostalgic about the 70's era mostly. Well, even during that period, the complaints about the boring hockey were numerous and a large number of nostalgics used to ask for a return to an original 6 format.

Remember that before the turn of the 80's there we no europeans in the league. If there are 30 p.cent more teams in the league now, europeans compose 30 p. cent of all of them. Thus, the equation is rendered obsolete.

It is not the quality of players (today's hockey player is MUCH more talented that he used to be; just watch an old game on ESPN classic to figure that one out). The problem is that the coaching has gone up a notch. In the 70's (even more so before that), the coaching was done during a game; today, the bulk of the job is done before and after games. The systems played, while basically the same as before, have become much more precise and subtle.

If you want to ante up the quality of the play, all you need to do is BAN any zone coverage system (call a minor penalty to a team that applies it) and ref the game like is should be.

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