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04-18-2013, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Miz View Post
Boy, did the rangers struggle to get the puck out of the D-zone tonight...against the panthers no less. They couldn't break it out, clear it, dump it off the boards, was frustrating to watch. IDK if the defense is that tired or if the forwards just didn't do their jobs. Compared to last year the coverage in the defensive is night and day. It was pitiful to watch at times, but im happy with the win. Brass and cally stood out and hank was hank.
Its because Torts wants the puck immediately moving up the ice(along the boards) in order to catch the enemy high man out of position. The problem is it rarely works. Even if does work, it almost never creates a counter play scoring chance.

Most of the time it just gets intercepted by the far side point men who get freebie shots from up high.

The Rangers almost never adjust to moving the puck up the middle if the opposing team is stacking/outnumbering along the boards in the D zone. So our Dmen, futilely, force plays along the wall.

In those scenarios, if the enemy team is stacking the wall you either:

a)pass through the middle through your center.

b)Have the Dmen skate the puck weak side up to our blue line to hand off to a forward. But that would mean our forwards would have to be allowed to read when the Dmen is initiating a breakout.

Its a mess. Its not going to get fixed. It will be our down fall in the playoffs(even more than our lack of ability in the O zone).

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