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12-30-2003, 06:37 AM
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Originally Posted by G Man 77
Even if Parrish is hot they Isles could still trade simply because Milbury is under orders to cut the payroll. To them that is more important than even winning at this point.

Yashin is out, Peca wants out... and the owner has said cut payroll now: this team isn't making the playoffs, unless they really screw someone on a deal that allows them to improve WHILE cutting salary at the same time.

Parrish can be had.

If this were NHL 2004 I'd trade Koivu & Rivet for Parrish & Hamrlik (add a prospect or pick on either side to even it out).... then flip Hamrlik to Tampa who desperately wants him back along with Zednik & a prospect (Hossa for example) for Lecavalier who is on the outs with Totorella yet again.

Koivu, Rivet <---> Parrish, Hamrlik


Hamrlik, Zednik, Hossa <---> Lecavalier

New lineup this year:


Lineup next year or after the strike:


??? = acquired in trade or UFA, Laperriere comes to mind.
And that still leaves us with Kastitsyn in the pipeline.

Of course this is real life, not a video game... so perhaps we trade Rivet for Parrish so we improve our RW situation and make room for Komi.

And that's where it ends for us.

Then NYI can deal one of their expensive top four D men for younger cheaper players... not that Rivet is cheap, but he does make a million less than Hamrlik for example.
you have made so many incorrect statements in your posts about the nyi that I'm not sure where to begin..

1.Wang ordered the $5m-$7m salary dumping in early Nov. when he was trying to buy the NJ Nets($265m-$285m).He's since dropped his bid and told the press that the nyi aren't dumping salary.Press says the nyi have rejected recent trade offers from TB,Tor.,Hawks...for a team just looking to dump salary,aren't they being kind of picky?

2.Where are the credible press reports that either Yashin or Peca want out? Peca gave a Newsday interview saying he didn't want to be traded again,to uproot his family,that he wanted to stay an Isles.

3.Isles are 9-2-1-0 in their last 12 games,3-0 without Yashin.They are in 8th place,one pt of out 7th place,two pts out of 6th place.The isles chances of making the playoffs are about as good as the Habs chances.

4.With Hunter and Weinhandl two cheaper,younger players able to play on the top two rw spots,I'm sure Parrish is available,but not for 29 yr old Rivet,making $2.5m and quickly approaching unrestricted free agency.

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