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Originally Posted by Yep View Post
First 30 games (19-6-5)
  • The habs were pretty bad last year = a lot of teams took us too lightly early this season
  • Simple system implemented quite fast and built on our team strenghts gave us an edge against teams still rusty from the lockout
  • Victories boosted team confidence to a level we hadn't seen in a while.

Last 13 games (7-6-0)

The system involves the habs forecheckers splitting the ice in half by forcing the opposing D-men to keep the play in their lane in a north-south manner (similar to the red wings left wing lock). In the neutral zone the Habs forwards are all on collapsing the puck holder taking "control" of that lane. This one has to slow down, dump in or make a risky often imprecise pass. When the habs regain possession the other team is often all on the same lane the habs were pressurizing (in support to the pressurized puckholder) leaving the other lane open to a quick transition. That's how the habs gain advantage of its speedier forwards and defensemen passing ability.
  • The other team have now figured out the system (not that hard really) and are prepared better. Carbo showed some clips yesterday where you could see opposing d-men refusing to be forced into their lane.
  • Losses came with fewer wins in-between
  • Doubt arise amonst the players and the players level of confidence is falling to a level never seen this season.
  • The coaching staff might at first blame poor execution because the system is in fact poorly executed right now, but you can't say "execute better" to players with low level of confidence, some probably already doubting the system or even the coaches ability to adjust.
  • Coaches will bring small adjustments and often with a little bit of luck these will lead to victories again, boosting player confidence.

Just in time for the playoffs (hopefully).
Dead on. Awesome post. You must be a very handsome person.

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