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04-18-2013, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
but then the OP carried on for many paragraphs, LOL.

The way I see it, we can go by process of elimination.

The Flames were originally Atlanta's team, and Calgary never changed the namWwwe to a homegrown one, so the Calgary Flames are out.

The Edmonton Oilers had a great team for almost 10 years, but there is too much controversy today over oil and the environment. Next!

Winnipeg Jets are disqualified being yet another Atlanta transplant that has not yet had a chance to establish firm roots here. Maybe some day.

Senators are possibly even more controversial than Oil. Canadians in general make fun of senators too much. Just can't have them as the Nation's team, sorry!

So that leaves three teams, two are named "Canadian" for all intents and purposes, and the third is named after the symbol on the nation's flag.

I eliminated Vancouver for only one reason....they have never won a Stanley Cup, never been champ;ion of their own league. Doesn't mean we won't pull for them if they are playing against any American team, but they can't YET be annointed "Canada's team".

That leaves Montreal and Toronto, both great cities, both historic teams, both have Canadian symbols. However, Toronto is eliminated because its team colours are the same as those of the Parti Québecois, and the Parti Québecois has stated that they will not be associated with Canada's team.

So we are down to Montreal, but it seems totally unfair for the Habs to win because of politics, so I hereby suggest a non-NHL team, the perfect compromise, and a city that is home Kirk Muller and Doug Gilmour, two players who played their hearts out for both the Leafs and the Habs - the Kingston Canadians. They may not be an NHL team, but who cares!!!

If anyone thinks my reasoning is silly, I agree. The whole idea of identifying ONE team as Canada's team is silly!!
Wonderful post! Clever and funny.

Not to diminish your post at all, but the idea is really about the popularity of a team across the country.

By sheer regional numbers alone, the Leafs could have this wrapped up. But "Canada's" team implies a broad support in all regions.

No doubt in my mind that the Habs occupy this possibly unimportant, but still interesting position.

I would even venture that in Ontario, the Habs are number 2 in popularity.

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