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Originally Posted by n00bxQb View Post
There very clearly is ice tilt.

For example, during a Q&A session on EA's forums one of the devs said there's no home ice advantage or anything else that gives one team an inherent advantage over another.

Well, along comes GM Connected mode several months later and we get a few seasons into our GM Connected league (30 human league) and I've been collecting stats and ... no surprise ... nearly every team has a better home record than away record. And I'm not just talking by a bit, I mean by a substantial amount.

Using my team as an example, over the course of 2 seasons in which I had played 142 games (22 games were simmed), I was 28 games over .500 at home and my road record was 21 games under .500. How do you explain a 49-game swing over the course of 2 seasons between home and away records? If there were no inherent advantage, as the dev said, the home and away records would be pretty even over the course of 2 seasons, would they not? And, like I said, it wasn't just me, it was nearly every team in the league ...
I have played multiple seasons and never seen this as the case.

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