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04-18-2013, 10:58 PM
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Ya, interesting, as you mention, Parker MacDonald & several others. Flighty NHL careers, solid minor leaguers. Some tremendous players came from the Maritimes. Not exactly household names, held back in a number of instances by they themselves as a result of the 2nd class status many were accorded by the establishment really right into the 70's. If they didnt already have chips on their shoulders they soon developed them coming to play in Ontario. I remember playing with & against some serious Phenoms in AAA & Jr who just up & quit, heads not into it thanks to the abuse they were forced to endure. The culture of Bigotry rather appalling to say the least. Nothing sacrosanct, words spoken that cut pretty deep for what were essentially fairly sensitive Celtic Souls. God Damn shame really. One guy in particular I remember from Newfoundland who at 16 could wilfully blow past some serious names in the NHL at that time. In total control of the puck like they were pylons. Very nasty piece of work to boot. Exactly what anyone & everyone wanted in a Right Winger. Very rare creature.

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