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04-19-2013, 12:39 AM
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Originally Posted by RevHortonHeat View Post
Ok locals its crunch time before we depart for Boston in the a.m. and I have a few last minute questions now that our itinerary is set....

My wife & I will be attending the game tomorrow evening.....where do the best B's fans frequent after a good ol' Friday night game in the area of the Garden?

Saturday we will be catching Greg Fitzimmonds at Nicks comedy shop on Warrenton Street, we would love to go to a nice (vegetarian friendly) Italian restaurant in the area prior to the comedy club, any recommendations?

And finally.....any pointers leading us to a nice pub or pubs in the area of either Nick's comedy shop OR near our hotel (The Residence Inn, Cambridge Center, Boston) to head to after the comedy show?

Thanks for any and all recommendations!
As for pubs, I would recommend Fours (right off a side street from The Garden) and Harp (right across the street).

Fours, more for all around everything. The stuff on the wall is a must see collection of Boston sports collectables. Great stuff. Nice place. Quality food and drink.

Harp might be more of the stand around, crowded mass-gathering of Bruins fans, you might be looking for...

I walked by it the other day on my way to Fours and there were tuns of Bruins fans in there pre-gaming it was a nice sunny day...the giant windows were removed and it was open air to the street...

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